Home Building update in Dillon Montana May 2020

Spring is always a busy for us as general contractors, and 2020 has been no exception to that rule. The end is in sight as we wrap up the The House in the Willows at Birch Creek. we have enjoyed working with the home owners over the past few months and are excited as theyContinue reading “Home Building update in Dillon Montana May 2020”

Color and Cabinets at the Willows at Birch Creek

This house has taken on so much personality over the past few weeks. I just love the cheerful yellow color the homeowners have chosen for the kitchen and dining nook. The rest of the house has been painted a warm beige color that feels so inviting. Can’t you just imagine sitting by the fireplace sippingContinue reading “Color and Cabinets at the Willows at Birch Creek”

Adding Color to the Shop

The past few weeks have brought big changes to the Pioneer Mountain Builders office/shop we are building. We ended February with the structure framed and trusses set. By the middle of March we have shingles on and siding nearly finished. Soon the interior framing will be complete and the sub-contractors can start the rough-in. IContinue reading “Adding Color to the Shop”

Jeppson House: Drywall and Siding

The last few weeks have seen big changes at the Jeppson House. The insulation is done and the drywall is hung. I delivered 40 boxes of drywall mud this morning. Taping and texturing is in progress. Soon we will be painting and the finishing touches will begin. The exterior is changing daily as well. TheContinue reading “Jeppson House: Drywall and Siding”